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I sell musk ox yarn - qiviut and handknitted shawls from this site:




 I have been knitting shawls in wool from musk oxen qiviut   

One is a shawl in the form of a moebius, that is a circle with a half twist. The shawl falls flat on the chest and can be used both around the shoulders and over the head

The pattern is a part of a shawl in the book "Shetland Lace" by Gladys Amedro, here you will find the most beautiful patterns. I adjusted the pattern to the width I wanted, knitted a long rectangle and sewed it together, as a moebius ring.


The other shawl is a pattern from the Icelandic book "Ůrihyrnar og langsj÷l", and is called Hyrna Herborgar. The book is published by the Icelandic needlework association:  HEIMILISIđNAđARF╔LAG ═SLANDS

There is a partial English translation of some of the pattern on the following link




This shawl I also knitted in 1-ply cobweb lace wool





I knitted a big square shawl as a gift for my aunt at her 80 years birthday. I started from the middle, circular needle. The border is knitted sideways in the open stitches 



This shawl uses patterns from different books. A lot of good patterns in the two books

"Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" of Martha Waterman


"Folk Shawls" by Cheryl Oberle


The best links to lace knitting I found on this homepage, including a Danish/English and English/Danish knitters translation.


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